Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rave Review | Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lip Glosses

Hello there!

Recently, I've noticed that I am always checking the description box of Tanya Burr's videos, scanning the fine print on her blogposts, and just generally stalking her Instagram in search of what lip color she has on. There seems to be a trend: she is usually wearing a color from her Tanya Burr Cosmetics range. There has been a ton of hype around these lippies, and though I am not one to be sucked into the hyped up vortex, I finally caved after seeing her rock them so well.

I ordered the two shades that could be worn on the reg and I am beyond thrilled! Picnic in the Park, a pretty, brink pink shade, and Chic, a lovely, blush toned nude that is my go-to when I don't have a mirror but want to apply something to my lips.

Consider these your new keep in the purse at all times lip glosses, because you are going to love the shade range (twelve in total, yes twelve), and the product boasts long wear even though it is only a lipgloss. The consistency is creamy and not slippery, like some drugstore lip glosses can have a tendency of being. Scent wise, there is a hint of a strawberry, candy fragrance. Not a huge fan of scented lip glosses? No fret, the scent does die down a bit and I can only smell it initially.

I highly recommend giving these a go. Have you already tried these gorgeous glosses? Which colors should I pick up next? Get yours here!

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