Sunday, September 21, 2014

iPhone 6 Review & First Impression

Hello there!

Every autumn a new iPhone model comes out (iPhone 5s, etc) and every other year an entirely new one comes out. Like clockwork, every other autumn my phone is due for an upgrade with my cellular plan. This is definitely calculated and the nerds inside of my husband and I are like kids before christmas.

I bring you iPhone 6, gold (insert singing of the angels here). There have been the usual updates and cosmetic upgrades, but do you want to know my favorite bit? The screens beveled edges! The glass piece that makes up your screen actually has its edges rounded and therefore makes the phone feel smaller and less dust and crumbs get stuck in between.

The screen size is a whopping 4.7 inches and the difference is obvious. My initial reaction; "I can see so many more emojis at once". Classic. All of my apps seem to work well with the enlarged screen, and everything seems more roomy and less cramped on the screen.

"But I have an iPhone that I love", I am about to drop a metaphor on you. Do you have a sweatshirt that you love? It's (over) worn and when you are having a night in you reach for it without fail? You love it, it's perfect, until you feel a new fleece lined sweatshirt and suddenly you have fallen in love with this new one. That is my exact comparison to my new iPhone.

Another fabulous feature; no more typing in your passcode to unlock your phone, simply hold your thumb on it and it unlocks. So Bond of you, iPhone 6.

Yes, it is larger. Yes, it takes some getting used to. No, I did not think that I would like my phone any bigger than the iPhone 5. But yes, hell yes, it feels so good in your hand. If you are due for an upgrade, I highly recommend looking into the new iPhone 6 and if you want an even larger screen, the iPhone 6+.

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