Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unconventional Inspiration

Hello there!

At a recent meander through an airport news stand I found myself more drawn to the home magazines than the standard fashion magazine.

Why I read home decor magazines for inspiration: Though I adore fashion magazines, okay fine it is a slight obsession, lately I have been gravitating towards home decor magazines for inspiration. Shock and awe, I know, but I do it for this reason; the items we choose to fill our homes with last much longer than a stroll down the runway and a season in stores . I know there are those individuals who are constantly redecorating or tweaking, but generally home decor is there and here to stay.

It is a great place to look at how certain colors compliment one another and which patterns to add to your wardrobe in order to transition from one season to the next. Taking this route of looking through a nonconventional source will take a bit more effort, simply for the fact that you cannot stroll through the pages and use it as a wardrobe catalog (unless you wear throw blankets as shawls, in which case I like your thinking).

So go on with your creative self and feel inspired from the not so norm.

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