Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Infinite Sunshine

Hello there!

As my tan fades and the realization that fresh chips and salsa are no longer readily available at my beck and call, I look back on my vacation in Mexico and I am all smiles.

The three a.m. wake up call wasn't one to be thrilled about, but when our plane took off I was already feeling the excitement that going on holiday brings. Butterflies for the unknown, a longing to just be there and that feeling that you get when you drop your bags in the hotel and let all of your travel woes out in one exhale.

The mister and I went to a quaint fishing village turned surfing spot. When I say quaint, I mean tiny. Just two restaurants on the beach and a single cafe in the town. Punta de Mita was a perfect place to truly be on vacation, we're talking utter relaxation and the only care was wondering how I would get all of this sand out of my swimsuit. After three days in our little slice of paradise we went to meet the rest of my family in Puerto Vallarta. Coming from a town where the bed of a truck was the grocery store to an all inclusive felt almost surreal. We spent mornings eating fruit and walking along the beach, enjoyed lots of time at the pool, and evenings laughing around a long dinning table until the nightly thunderstorm rolled in. Though our two destinations were far from similar they both were beautiful and the time there was truly cherished.

Leaving vacation is always bittersweet, but I feel refreshed and ready to get back to the grind. I hope you enjoyed my photos from my time in the sunshine and thanks for letting my share them with you!

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