Saturday, August 23, 2014

Go Scratch It!

Hello there!

Deceiving and slightly cheeky title, I admit, but today we are talking about nail wraps. What are these nail wraps that you speak of? They are basically a sticker that has a design on it and last as long as (if not longer) than normal nail polish does. You get the Instagram worthy manicure that you've always desired with little work and completed in under 20 minutes. No drying time either: which makes these a great out-the-door option.

Scratch is a company that offers a monthly subscription box that delivers perfect nail art to your door every month. If you've seen these at the store you might be wondering; Why would I sign up for a subscription when I can get nail wraps at Target? I'll tell you why, brands don't offer three new designs every month like Scratch does. They pride themselves in being on trend and innovative so that your mani can match your attitude, go on with your stylish self.

Contents include three wraps, each containing 16 decals so you can find the perfect size for your nail as well as have some wiggle room to play around. It also includes a small nail file, a pick to help secure down the decal, accents ranging from charms to studs, and a surprise that is based around that months theme.

The August box was Mexican themed which was superb because mine arrived at my door whilst I was on vacation in Mexico. Still feeling festive and not ready to let go of the sunshine (and fresh margaritas) I dove right in and decked out my nails. I painted some of my nails solid and added a starfish charm, a chunky piece of glitter (think mermaid scales, obsessed) and cut a wrap in the shape of a triangle for added diversity. In all I only used 8 of the 16 stickers from the Summer Serape set, which means I get two uses out of just one set, hell yes to that!

Not ready to fully commit thirty dollars to a monthly subscription? They offer the individual wraps at just $12, the value is obviously greater if you get the box and consider this your warning from me, they are as addicting as they are fierce!

Get your stylish manicure here!

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