Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Most Versatile Lipgloss

Hello there!

I do realize that the title of this blogpost is a bit extreme, but the other day I noticed that this Kiehl's Lip Balm lived in my purse. Not only did it live in my purse but no matter what lip color I had on, I could always use this as a gloss over top. 

Why wouldn't I just buy a clear lip gloss, Alex? You might be asking yourself. This is a lip balm and soothes your lips as it works as a gloss over top. The mint scent was calling my name when I bought this but they also offer other scents such as Mango, Vanilla and Coconut. The small amount of SPF doesn't hurt either, since most lipstick formulas are created without any sun protection at all.

For a small price you can have a lipgloss to go with every single lip color that you could ever dream of! 

Are you much of a gloss girl yourself? I just can't help myself and add a little dab of this to the center of my lips to make them appear a little fuller!

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