Monday, July 28, 2014

Heavy Metal

Hello there!

At the closing of every month I do a monthly favorites over on my Youtube channel. I put items into a separate bin if I discover that I love them or have been reaching for them more than normal. Why am I telling you this? Sometimes I find that the items that I use/wear everyday are often overlooked because I just kind of assume that you already know my love for them. Examples; my Sonicare tooth brush, my Fresh Market Apple foaming hand soap, my Native shoes that I refuse to toss and the color has faded from neon to a pale lemon. See my point? 

Another large portion of these overlooked items is my jewelry. My rings, my wedding ring and Claddagh ring, which I keep on me at all times, my necklace that I put on in the morning so I can fidget with it when I am concentrating. My watch, which if forgotten would make me feel naked. How could I forget the pair of pearl earrings that my mom got me for my wedding day (Here's a secret, I lost one at Crate & Barrel and had to repurchase a single one). 

This tiny grouping of jewelry holds so much dearness and significance to me. A significance that deserves to be mentioned every month as my staple pieces or my favorites, but it isn't, mostly because I would get bored with myself if I talked about the same thing over and over.

I am always searching, researching and testing products, to find you what's on trend and new, but sometimes I forget that saying, an oldie but a goodie.

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