Friday, June 13, 2014

Wedding Season Manicure

Hello there!

Wedding season is officially here! Whether you are getting married or just attending a wedding (or any event, really) you are going to need a simple manicure to compliment that fancy dress that you will be wearing.

I used a light pink color and applied two thin coats. By using a pale pink instead of a nude color, you get that more girly and fresh look. Then using a makeup sponge and a sheer shimmer color, I dabbed a light wash of that just onto the tips. Definitely a twist on the traditional french manicure, but simple enough to still have all of the eyes on the ring!

Not only is this great for the bride, MOH or MOB, but also if you are the wedding photographer and especially if you are the one doing the bride's hair and makeup. Your hands will be in more pictures than you might realize, so stick to a color that won't stand out against the bride and yet will still look polished.

Will you be attending any weddings this season? Or are you going to be the bride at one? I would love to know!

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