Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Smell the Roses

Hello there! 

Today is not my average "beauty" post, but today as I took my dog for a walk I saw that flowers had bloomed. Flowers that I hadn't planted, ones that I didn't even know existed underneath the mulch. It surprised me, in a way that makes you stop and quite literally smell the roses

I plucked a few stems from the plant, went back inside and reached for one of my favorite teas. A tea that we drank at my tea party themed bridal shower, Harney & Sons Wedding Tea. I rarely reach for this tea, but seeing the flowers sparked a thought in me. Why was I saving that lovely memory that I have when I smell and sip this tea? What was I saving it for? Why should I save these beautiful moments, instead of enjoy them right now? 

I couldn't answer those questions, and even if I could, I would hardly believe the answers anyways. 

I love photography and as I enjoyed this moment, and the sun started to poke through my window, I took these photos. To share with you, and to serve as reminders to sip slow, and enjoy everything. No matter the size, no matter the time, I am making a conscious effort to cherish even the smallest flower blooming.

Are you holding off on beautiful moments for yourself? I dare you to dive in and enjoy that one, and each and every wondrous moment that comes your way.

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