Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Must-Have Brushes

Hello there!

Today I want to share with you one of the best secrets to flawless makeup. Brushes. Yes, it is just that simple. It does not matter if you have the worlds greatest or most expensive makeup, it will not look nearly as good unless you have the proper tools to apply it with.

I have collected the four most reached for face and eye brushes and just have to share them with you. 

Starting with the face brushes, for foundation I adore the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush, it is a very dense brush that is extremely soft and with a few buffing strokes, gives you an airbrushed finish. The Real Techniques Setting Brush is great for just that, setting, but also brilliant for applying highlighter to your cheekbones. The bristles are long and soft which makes the blending impeccable. Say goodbye to harsh blush lines with the Sigma F40 Large Contour Brush. I wouldn't use any other brush to apply my powder blush, and have even tried cream blush which worked surprisingly well. Lastly is the Real Techniques Blush Brush, which I find works best for using setting powder with. Using it at a downward 45 degree angle along your face applies the perfect amount of setting powder and dusting off any excess that could cause (the dreaded) cake face.

For my eyeshadow I have narrowed it down to the four that I use on a daily basis. The Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush is the best "all over the lid" brush, and applies product beautifully and blends out the edges for you. Have I mentioned yet that the Real Techniques brushes are insanely easy to wash? Such a dream. Next up is my dearly loved Sigma E25 tapered blending brush. The long bristles are perfect for fitting into the cease and blending out every harsh line in sight. Speaking of blending, the Sigma E40 is a gift from the big, fluffy brush heavens. This brush is the finishing touch to every one of my looks, I effortlessly swirl this around my crease and any lines (even the ones that you couldn't see) have disappeared. If you find that your looks aren't as flawless as you want them to be, try using this brush by holding it as far back on the handle as possible and blend for at least 30 seconds on each eye. Last up is my best friend in brush form, the Sigma E65 small angled brush. I only apply gel liner with this brush. If you have just about given up on winged liner then this is the tool for you. 

If you want to invest in brushes that are of good quality, will have a long life and also make your makeup look like a Kardashian's (slight exaggeration...) than you certainly need to check into these brushes that I have mentioned. 

I hope you are all having a lovely day where ever you are and whenever you are reading this!

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