Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Reason to Smile

Hello there!

I believe that I do a fairly decent job of making my blog feel personal, if I do say so myself. It isn't unusual for me to write a majority of my posts on beauty products, but in my everyday life I do not push beauty products into everyones faces. How awkward would that be? I'll have an iced dirty chai , with almond milk please, and you should try this new hand cream that I am LOVING! Right? That doesn't even flow! 

So I thought I would tell you just a few things that make me happy outside of a lovely hand cream and a great, lengthening mascara.

- Hans, my husband. Especially those moments that make me think I want to remember this forever
- fresh air, particularly when it is combined with a great view
- thunderstorms, rumbling and house shaking ones
- flowers, I have never been a big flower girl but recently I have found myself even pointing out flowers on the side of the road while driving
- blogging, cheesy, I know, but there is something very therapeutic about it (creative therapy?)
- My dog, his loyalty and his wiggly dance that he always greets me with
- cleaning, yes you have read that correctly
- hanging out with my mom, duh! 
- fresh food, something about raw fruit and veggies are kind of my jam
- the windows open, whether in a car or at home
- plane rides, especially those with turbulence 

Obviously this list is only a short representation of the things that make me smile, one of these things is also you. Yes, you! However you got to my site, I appreciate you and whether you have had to put the TV on for your child to catch up on blogs, or you're going to be late to a lunch date due to reading, or you are squinting because of the harsh sun light trying to read this. No matter how, where, when or why you are reading this, I am sincerely grateful for you being here with me!

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