Friday, May 9, 2014

My Bronze Goddess Essential


Hello there!

Yes, I know it has been a minute since I have been on the blogosphere. It seems as though you miss a week and then kind of get nervous to post something, its rather difficult to explain the feeling, and that is exactly why I am not going to. 

Yesterday was the first day that I did not get cold. That is completely factual, whether that be after a hot shower or walking to the car after dinner, I was completely comfortable all damn day. I am going to consider that a milestone for this year and the beginning of spring. Which in turn has me feeling all summery and invincible. 

It seems to be a common theme that everyone desires to resemble a "bronzed goddess", so I google'd that. What I gathered was you have to be in a gold swimsuit, look semi-sweaty and shiny, be wearing gold lipstick (no joke, see for yourself if you don't believe me) and be doing sexy poses in the sand or outdoors of some type. Thoughts? Personally I am going to skip all of those for this season and just turn to one product.

MAC just released a few more of their coveted Mineralize Skinfinishes, they even have new packaging that is magnetic. Usually I am a skeptic of new packaging because that basically means the product amount will decrease and they won't tell us and make it enticing with shiny, new packaging. That isn't the case with these, they have the exact same amount as the old packaging and now just offer a few new shades.

If you are someone who wants to skip the gold lipstick this summer and just use one multipurpose product to get that "bronzed goddess" look, then Global Glow is for you. A baked product that includes bronze, gold and deeper champagne tones swirled together to give you that perfect "oh, who me? Why yes, I did just get off of a tropical island that I am the queen of and it's very exotic and glamorous and such". Perhaps a little dramatic but when you dust this on your shoulders, cheek bones and even across your eyes you truly look like you are hydrated and have gotten the perfect amount of sun. 

If you are dying to have gold lips as well just dab this to the center of your lips over your favorite lipstick, gloss or even balm.

Leave a comment below telling me a Summer beauty essential of yours! 

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