Thursday, May 22, 2014

Makeup Setting, Made Easy

Hello there! 

In my last post, I mentioned that I have officially started using a setting powder (insert your confused and surprised face here). Since I had told you which powder I prefer and how I use it with a sponge, I figured I would tell you other ways that I set my makeup. If you put any effort at all into doing your makeup, I highly recommend that you take the steps to preserve it as best as possible. One of the best ways to ensure that your makeup lasts all day is to set it with a powder. Let's get into the details!

When setting any makeup I always use a pressing motion and then using the lightest hand, sweep any excess off. The once standard way of applying powder is long gone, and swirling your brush around your face will break down your makeup faster and essentially making it fade quicker throughout the day. Pressing the powder, whether with a brush or a sponge, will set your powder and make certain that your cream or liquid product underneath won't be moving any time soon. 

When using a sponge I have found that I am not too particular, even the sponge applicators that often come with powders, do the job. As far as brushes go, there are two that stand out for me above the rest. They are both from Real Techniques and are each under $10! The smaller one is the Setting Brush and the larger is the Blush Brush

Sine the hair on these are particular longer, it is perfect for pressing in the product and then sweeping off the excess. The Setting Brush, as the name would suggests, is perfect for just that. Imaging that there is aline from the low part of my nose, to the tail of my eyebrow, I pick up some brightening powder, tap off the excess and then press it under my eyes into that imaginary triangle. Though the name is Blush Brush, I have found that the best use for this brush is applying setting powder to my T-Zone. Lightly, I pick up some translucent powder and dust that on, using the brush at a 45 degree angle. 

If you are one who struggles with your under eye concealer creasing, try applying eyeshadow primer where you place concealer, blend your concealer over and then use the smallest amount of powder to set it all.

These brushes are gorgeous, easy to clean and best of all, are suitable for everyones budget! If you are new to makeup and want to make applying a dream? Then having lovely tools is an essential. 

How is everyone doing today? I hope you're having a beautiful day! 

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