Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things #1

Hello there!

Sunday is a lovely day of the week, it usually includes some family time and everyone seems to be moving at a slower pace than normal. I wanted to start something on my blog where I tell you what I am currently loving, beauty or non-beauty related. These are things that would come with the hashtag "favorite" so instead of that, I will be compiling these random items together for a Sunday post. 

I normally shy away from Vogue as it is mostly ads, but I just couldn't control myself when I saw that Emma Stone was gracing the cover. Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy sitting on my balcony in the sun and flipping through a magazine.

These are definitely a recent favorite of mine, the lenses are huge with mean that they cover every ounce of sunshine from getting in my eyes and manage to stay put on my face when I am doing tasks such as yard work. They are also polarized, which I had just discovered since I normally don't spend over $12 on a pair of sunnies.

This is one of my favorite pink nail polish colors, I have an entire video discussing my favorite spring and summer nail polish colors, and this one made the cut! I chose pink for today because I was wearing a Camo crew neck and wanted to add a touch of femininity.

This lip balm is highly moisturizing, leaves a bit of a sheen look to your lips and smells like strawberry candy. Need I say anymore?

My husband and I try to do movie nights at least once a month. What that usually looks like is a stop at the store for far too much candy, schnuggling up on the couch and watching a show that we are into or a movie! It is very casual but something that we love doing in order to make time for one another and give ourselves a plan for the evening. This Reese's was hidden until today when I found it and couldn't resist, and when I say that I mean that I didn't even wait to take this photo. Oops!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and have an even better week!

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