Thursday, March 6, 2014

Polish Picks: Pastel & Glitter

Hello there!

Spring is practically here (or already here if you're one of the lucky few) and with spring comes bright and colorful nail polish. I will be retiring the deep reds and gold glitters for a while, and turning my eyes towards the bright side. This weeks "Polish Picks" are a mint (I'm a hint obsessed with mint if I hadn't mentioned it before) OPI Gargantuan Grape, a periwinkle, OPI You're Such A Budapest and an indigo that goes on quite sheer with mermaid-like glitter flecks, OPI Last Friday Night. A little tip for bringing your nail polish back to life is adding a few drops of nail polish remover in and spinning it between your hands, so you do not create those tiny air bubbles that we all dread.

I love a well done accent nail and the glitter polish over the mint brings it all together for the perfect start to spring, now if only the weather would cooperate with my manicure.  Did it not get the memo? 

How is the weather where you live? I hope it's warmer and sunnier than where I live.



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