Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pastel & Ombre

Hello there!

Spring is officially here, and I think Mother Nature is finally starting to act like it as well. Usually we get those random days in winter that are like little teasers for spring. Nope, this year those did not exist. Unfortunately, it has only begun feeling like spring, and with this new found thing that people are apparently referring to as the "Sun", I purchased myself some sunglasses.

You most likely will never see me with a pair of expensive sunnies on, for the sole purpose that I am clumsy. I fall, I drop things, I forget things, and I lose things regularly. It is just never a good idea to own nice things that are also smaller in size. Both of these pairs were ordered from ASOS, for under $20 each. Such a steal! I have a unique head/face shape which makes nearly all sunglasses look quite nice on me (don't ask how I was blessed with this)t therefore, ordering blindly online has never been an issue for me and I just buy based on looks. 

The salmon pink ones also have a bit of coral and a pale mint, paired with ombre effects and reflective lenses, I am in love. Now the next pair is quickly going to become my most worn sunnies. The front piece has a periwinkle to frosted, white ombre going on, and the side panels are mint. Mint. Everything mint for this girl right here, and that does not exclude the color mint.

So what do you think? Do you like the ombre and pastel that is happening on these sunnies, or do you prefer plain or patterned sunglasses?



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