Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Collective Haul & Lipstick Dupe

Hello There!

This last week I had posted a video to my Youtube Channel (if you haven't heard I post a new video every Monday and Friday) I was surprised by the numerous comments I had received on my lip color. As a red head (not naturally, I get asked that a lot) I often struggle with anything coral colored or warm toned colors. Remember in the early 2000's when it was cool to match everything? From your hair scrunchie down to your toe rings. Yeah, that is how I can look when I wear anything too warm or orange toned, horribly "matchy matchy". Oh the struggles.

However, I was sick of my coral and warm shades daunting me. I slapped on a semi-recent MAC lipstick purchase and that was that. The color is Lady at Play and it is in the Mineralize Rich formula. If you do not have access to MAC near you I discovered a great dupe that is half the cost and you get two separate colors out of it. The Maybelline Lip Butters are very comfortable, glossy and easy to wear. If you mix the shades 053 Sorbet an 015 Tutti Frutti you get an almost exact dupe for the MAC lipstick, and the price tag isn't so bad either.

Has spring hit where you live yet? I hope you are all having a lovely day whenever and wherever you are reading this!



See my lipstick in action here:

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