Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lessons My Dog Has Taught Me

Hello there!

I have a dog. His name is Gus. I love Gus like a mother loves her first child. He is wiggly, excitable and though he is often shy he has a distinct nature of protection towards me.

Today his cold, wet nose woke me. His tail going a million miles a minute and doing the most wiggly happy dance that a dog has ever attempted. I don't completely believe that he was thinking as deep as I was about why he was so happy, to him I was there and he was exhilarated for me to wake up and grant him some love.

This had me thinking. What if every time my dog woke me up in this way, which is everyday, I would remind myself that I am alive and I get to live another day on this beautiful earth? I get to squeeze my loved ones and get down on the ground to play with my dog, I could have another cup of tea and I could kiss my husband as much as I wanted. Regardless of the negative and mundane, when I focus on the extraordinary, my day instantly seems to be uplifted.

Why limit this to just in the morning? I am going to use my dogs excitement and wagging tail dance to remind myself how fortunate I truly am and all of the reasons I have to be smiling about. If I had an ounce of Gus' gusto, I could change my life. His happiness is so contagious, I realize that is exactly how I want to be.

What do you do to remind yourself how blessed you are? What makes you feel joyous? Leave in the comments below or tell me on Twitter or Instagram or even Facebook. 


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