Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Weekend Away

Hello there!

The title makes my weekend sound a little more glamorous than it actually was. Regardless, I thought I would share with you a little weekend update. My parents had asked if we stayed at their house over the weekend to do a bit of house sitting and watching their pups. 

My parents home is out in the sticks, as we say, and there are not even street lights. Growing up there and now visiting is very relaxing,  there is a ton of room to stretch your legs and you can see every star in the sky. Gus especially loves it because he has two other dogs to romp with, and twice the amount of toys to chew on. 

Have I ever mentioned that my mom is a little "Susie Homemaker"? Well she certainly is. She recently redecorated the guest bedroom, and it is so bright and refreshing to wake up in. My mom is always in the kitchen and even when she was not home she had made and left us a granola mix and insisted that we eat it, I have to admit is was delicious and quite addicting. 

What did you do this weekend? Any plans for the upcoming week or weekend? Tell me in the comments below



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