Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Perfect Winter Exfoliant

Hello there!

It's safe to say that I, like many others, have a deep rooted LUSH addiction. I have tried a countless number of products from them and rarely find myself to be disappointed.

Winter has my face dry and not so bright looking, harsh. Some exfoliation is always required for my in these colder and dry months. Because I want exfoliation but don't want to suffer from dry skin I have recently started using Let the Good Times Roll again. This isn't a new product, but it is a new permanent one. I would stock up come the holiday season just so I could have this well into spring.

Well now it is part of the permanent range and I am singing to the heavens!

It smells good enough to eat. Seriously. It is meant to smell like popcorn, however, to me jt smells better than that. It smells like a graham cracker crust filled with popcorn and topped with caramel sauce, did I just invent a new dessert? 

The texture is quite grainy, think original sugar, but the paste like texture that holds all of the exfoliant together is absolutely beautiful. It really feels like it gets me skin clean, and leaves a bit of residue on there. Not sticky or greasy residue, it feels as though I just put my moisturizer on immediately after rinsing my face.

How? I have no idea. But I do know that on my sensitive skin I can use this exfoliant without a single problem, apart from getting hungry for dessert.

This is high on my list of recommendations from LUSH! Have you tried this? What is your favorite LUSH product?



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