Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tan Towel Review

Hello there!

It is winter, thanks for the obvious Alex, and that means that I have crossed over from pale to nearly translucent. I am always looking for a simple way to get a nice glow without the mess or hassle of foams and sprays, have I found that replacement or will I stick to my trusty foams and sprays. It is a a single wipe that comes drenched in the tanning solution, you rub it all over your body and expect to see results.

At my local Ulta, I saw these little packets that had a slogan that read "Look Good Naked". Sold. I could not resist, I immediately went home showered and tried them out. Don't let the bright orange packaging scare you, as they did not turn me orange at all.

For the review. Some intital cons, there is no color guard. If you aren't familiar, that means where you apply there is a bit of color that eventually rinses off but aids in showing you where you have already applied the sunless tanner. These wipes did not have it. Yikes! An actual thought was "Did I tan this boob or that one already?" Sorry for the graphic nature. Anyways, it is quite unique for one not to come with a color guard.

Another con is the full body wipe that I used is massive. 9" by 12" to be exact, that is larger than a sheet of standard paper. There are half body wipes offered but I don't want to fuss over doing the process twice. The wipe did seem to run dry rather quickly as well.

There is the standard smell that comes with sunless tanning, just light a candle and remember you can rinse it off in a few hours.

The pro's. Hello, it is completely easy! Mess free at that. Open, wipe, toss and follow with washing your hands. It dries almost instantly and does not dirty up any clothes that you put on, nor did it my sheets. It claims to be fully developed within 4 hours, fair claim. The sheer convenience of them is enough for me to consider purchasing again.

The color pay off was not that great, I woke up to a few blotchy areas and overall only a two to three shade difference. Is it my favorite sunless tanner? Probably not, but it is easy, convenient and relatively inexpensive at just $5.50 for a single full body towelette.

I did not apply it to my face, even though it says you can. I have far too sensitive of skin to risk a nasty reaction, I'll just go heavy with the bronzer instead. 

Do you dabble in using sunless tanners? If so, what are some of your favorites?



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  1. EssieGirl85 - AKA Sarah :)January 9, 2014 at 2:53 PM

    Thanks for the review :D
    I think i'll stick to St Tropez then, since I can see where I apply it lol. Like you said, i'd forget where I put it too lol


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