Saturday, January 11, 2014

Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Moisturizing Conditioner

Hello there!
Winter has my scalp feeling rather dry and well, not its best. I was hunting for a product light enough to be used on my scalp but also soothing enough to calm my scalp.

This Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint conditioner stood out to me because of its divine smell. When I close my eyes and smell this I am instantly transported to a spa, a tad dramatic, but nonetheless you get the point. I need a quarter sized amount for my entire head root to tip. 

I massage it into my roots and let it sit for about five minutes while I do my other shower things such as brush my teeth and shave my legs, and just stand there thinking about nothing in particular. When you rinse it out it is so silky and soft, cliche I know, but I could go on and on with adjectives like this all day.

It has immensely helped my scalp and I noticed less flaking, and less itching on my part. If you aren't looking for some scalp relief the smell alone might be enough of a reason for you to buy this.

If you have any sort of liking towards essential oil smells, you will love the entire Paul Mitchell Tea Tree line. 

Do you suffer from a dry scalp? What do you do to help soothe it?



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