Monday, January 6, 2014

My Top Five Fashion: Dresses

So... This post is a bit funny. We're all going to laugh at it in a little. When I was compiling my favorites I was also sort of, maybe, shopping for myself. So most of the dresses mentioned are from J. Crew and are all on my wish list. I know, I know. Variety is a good thing, I think I just got engulfed in the J. Crew cloud.

Anywho, these are all of the dresses that are my favorites at the moment. Romantic but modest dresses are so appropriate for winter and make for a charming and magical feel. The more rhinestones and gem tones, the better.

Going clockwise.

J. Crew Collection Beaded Feather Dress. Oh my, if I died and came back as a dress, this would be me. Is that even fair to say? This dress is gorgeous and has that magical quality that I was talking about. Gold rhinestones and feather detailing at the bottom. *wipes drool from mouth

J. Crew Half-Placket Dress. This emerald color is going to look stunning on absolutely, every skin tone. Green is a red heads best friend, so I may be gravitating to this one for that reason. However I cannot even imagine this color looking just "blah" on anyone.

J. Crew Garden Eyelet Dress. That color. That cut. The eyelet detailing. I can't even. The synched waist is going to compliment every body type and the eyelet cap sleeves with cover a little, without making you look too boxy. The color is simply gorgeous. There is a good chance it will be going on sale, as holiday dresses usually do right after the festivities have concluded.

J. Crew Collection Satin-Trimmed Boucle-Tweed Mini Dress. White and black are classic colors. The unique piping compliments this timeless dress. Plus isn't every girl looking for a sexy dress with pockets? I know I am. The only reason I would shy away from this, is because I am an uber klutz, and white is not my bestie.

French Connection Women's Jacquard Golden Fit & Flare Dress. I imagine this dress is what the Royal Palace drapes look like. Which is entirely a positive thing for me. The gold color will compliment your skin, and the cut is modest but still short enough to make you look lean and tall. 

Have you been loving dresses lately? Or opting for another look?

I hope you enjoyed my selection of dresses and are having an amazing day!



  1. EssieGirl85 (Sarah)January 6, 2014 at 4:11 PM

    I'm in love with the green one! I bought a couple of dresses too, but not sure if I like them on :')
    I usually wear jeans or leggings in the winter. Mostly because it's usually raining and windy - as it is right now - so i'm all snuggled in my Sulley onesie

  2. I love the tweed and the feather dresses! I know how easy it is to get sucked into the J. Crew vortex haha
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