Friday, January 17, 2014

Big Sexy Hair Powder Play

Hello there!
Is your hair lifeless and flat? Alright, infomercial is over, in all seriousness I have fallen in love with a new hair product. The Big Sexy Hair Powder Play gives me loads of volume and a "rollin' in the hay" sort of texture.

This product has the power of a pomade and hairspray all in powder form. Sprinkle this into your hands or straight into your hair and then give your self a good fluffing. Use it on clean hair, second day hair, straight or curly, you will get incredible volume no matter what your hair woes are.

It initially feels slightly wet, but then dries giving a messy, yet sexy, texture. The volume does seem to last all day, and if I need a little lift I do just that, push my fingers through my hair upwards and the same volume is immediately back. Sprinkle it on the roots for volume or throughout your strands for that tousled look. I can see this product being a holy grail, especially in the summer when minimal work is needed.

What is your favorite hair product for volume? I am always on the hunt, you know what they say. The higher the hair, the closer to God.



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