Monday, October 28, 2013

TIGI S Factor 'Smoothing Lusterizer' Review

The seasons are changing and though we are moving away for those humid months now we have to face the dry, windy and cold weather. A product that claims to silkify, soften, defrizz and tame my hair is definitely on my must-have list year round.

Applying this is a dream, a dime size amount worked into my ends and then up, is plenty. This product has the consistency of a thick lotion, right in between a cream and a lotion one might say. The smell. Oh my. The smell of this is like a grown up fruit roll up. Honestly, and it lingers. So on the off chance that you don't like this smell you really won't like the fact that it lingers.

Another interesting bit is that it has shimmer in it. That may be where the silkifying claim comes in. You cannot notice the shimmer unless you are deliberately looking for it, but you definitely can notice it on your hands after application. No, seriously. Washing your hands is a must after using this.

I found that it leaves my hair so silky and soft to the touch and my fly-aways, though present, were not crazy and out of control like usual. I enjoy using this the best on damp hair when I have intentions of straightening it. I find that it gives a very sleek and polished look.

The price can range from $20.00 upwards of $35.00 for the 200 ml bottle.

Would I recommend it?
Is your hair lacking luster? Then yes. If you have thin or fine hair there is the potential that it could do some weighing down, however using a smaller amount could eliminate this problem.

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