Monday, October 28, 2013

Aveda 'Volumizing Tonic' Review

Who isn't looking for additional volume in their hair? Show of hands. My point exactly. We all want that added umph to make us "closer to god" as the southern women would say. I find many volumizing products leave a weird residue in my hair and generally make it tacky and lead to greasiness faster. On my quest to achieve perfect hair (without achieving too much damage) I found myself at an Aveda salon. My stylist went to style my hair and put a concoction of products in, but I swear this is the one single product that helped give added volume.

Applying this can be tricky, you have to really work with it and find out what works best for your hair. I spray three or so sprays about six inches from my head, just to the crown area. I twist my hair up in a turban towel and then after 5 or so minutes I let my hair down and apply. Letting my hair air dry gives good volume, but if I really want to show off the volume I finish blowdrying my hair after it is about 95% dry.

As most Aveda products go, it's ingredients are highly derived from plant extracts and lean towards the more earthy scent. The price tag is right around the $18.00 mark for a 100 ml bottle. That may seem steep but this product will last you a long time!

Would I recommend it?
If you are searching for anything to give you volume and don't mind the price tag, then most definitely.

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